Prep Boys’ Boarding High School For Sale (No. 2123)


Our client is selling their highly acclaimed New England independent Gr. 8-12PG (Post Graduate) boys’ prep boarding high school that is fully-accredited and SEVIS-certified, and educates students for success in college and life beyond, with graduates accepted at top universities in the US and internationally. Building on its legacy of distinguished boarding school education and elite athletic program achieving full-ride athletic scholarships, it is situated on a spectacular +80-acre tree-lined campus within 2 hours of Boston and New York.

The school enrolls students from 15 countries, and 9 states, with the majority of their students' boarding. Several highly respected organizations accredit the school. Over the years, their athletics program has gained national prominence, with student-athletes joining the school to improve their grades and opportunities to play at the NCAA Division I level, with alumni playing at college and the professional and championship level. This highly sought-after opportunity provides buyers the chance to acquire a premium American boys’ boarding high school in the prestigious New England market, leveraging its I-20 visa program to recruit international students and enabling new owners the ability to develop an expanded day and boarding high school program within the existing property, and consideration for expansion to co-ed.

Based on current campus capacity, it is positioned within a preliminary 3-year recruiting plan (under new ownership) to reach $6.3M revenue and $1.4M EBITDA. Additionally, their boarding enrollment can increase upwards by another 60% with no new facilities required, generating an additional $4.3M revenue. As well, they are SEVIS-certified and authorized to enroll international students. This critical certification offers a strategic platform for offshore operators’ direct access to the elite international US boarding school market. New ownership can, in turn, utilize current and expanded academic and dormitory facilities to support growth for international and local students in a premier location close to Boston and New York, and the ability to expand enrollment up to 300 to 500 students (in conjunction with expanded facilities). It is exceptionally well-positioned for growth, leveraging its coveted college-prep boarding and athletic program, and SEVIS certification.

It has in place a solid foundation to operate a high-quality private boarding high school close to multiple international airports and offers a turn-key platform for offshore investors seeking entry into the premium US private boarding school market.


    • Unrivalled Opportunity To Acquire A Prestigious New England Gr. 8-12PG Private Boys’ Boarding High School located 2 Hours from Boston & New York.
    • Legacy Of Providing A Premier Prep Education with enriched Advanced Placement & ESL Program.
    • Fully Accredited & SEVIS Certified with I-20 Visa authorization to recruit international students.
    • Capacity To Increase Boarding Enrollment By 60% in existing campus generating an additional $4.3M revenue.
    • Preliminary 3-Yr Recruiting Plan (Under New Ownership) Projects Enrollment Growth By 50 Borders reaching $6.3M revenue & $1.4M EBITDA.
    • Stunning $18M +80-Acre Campus & 140,000 SF Of Well-Maintained Facilities with unlimited space to support enrollment growth to 300-500 students.
    • Highly Respected Boarding High School Listed Among Top Boarding Schools In Its Region, allowing students admission to leading US Ivy League universities.
    • 100% College Placement, With +60% of Academic 2019 Class & 85% of Student-Athletes Receiving 4-Yr Scholarships, with 35% accepted at top-50 universities in the US
    • Advanced Multi-Sport Training Center & Elite Athletic Program with +85% of Grad class receiving NCAA Athletic scholarships.
    • World-Class Faculty with 60% holding advanced degrees.
    • Seasoned Leadership Team in place to support operations & ownership transition.


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If you are interested, please contact HEG directly for further details. Please refer to School No. 2123 in your communications with HEG. You can contact HEG directly by email or our toll-free number at +1.800.687.1492.

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