Profitable WASC Accredited Western U.S. For Profit Private University With Title IV & SEVP Certification For Sale (School No. 3067)

Exceptional and rarely available opportunity to own a highly profitable Western U.S.-based proprietary private university with the coveted WASC accreditation, SEVP-certification, & Title IV approval offering federally-backed student loans. It is situated in a growing major Western U.S. metropolitan market on a 10-acre, 130,000 SF campus available for lease or purchase. It is regarded as one of the top post-secondary institutions in its market. It offers career-focused on-ground & online programs at the Master's, Bachelor's, & Associate Degree-level, as well as Certificate & Continuing Education Programs in the high-demand sectors of healthcare, EMS, nursing, engineering, psychology, business, hospitality, education, criminal justice, & sports management. It provides an opportunity for immediate access into the premium U.S. private university market, & the added ability for program expansion, further branch campus development, & the capacity to triple on-ground enrollment, & continued online growth. The institution's most recent 90/10 rate is an impressive 78% with an extremely low 3% default rate. It maintains an above-average graduation rate with friendly, supportive, & professional instructors. It boasts an extraordinarily high employment rate for graduates & an impressive retention rate. All of this is the result of ownership's commitment to creating programs second-to-none. With high demand for their programs in its market, ownership has positioned the university for expanded growth. They have consistent profits with revenue averaging $12.42M consolidated revenue & adjusted consolidated EBIDA of $3.54M (29% margin), & Y-O-Y profits conservatively projected in 2020 to reach a respectable $13.6M consolidated revenue & $4.2M consolidated adjusted EBIDA (33% margin), & $15M revenue & $5.5M consolidated adjusted EBIDA (31% margin) in 2021. Their campus allows on-ground student capacity to triple, generating an additional $25M revenue, & tremendous online enrollment growth potential. Its highly regarded WASC accreditation & Title IV financial aid provides new ownership immediate access to the coveted proprietary Western U.S. university market with flexibility for additional programs, branch campuses, international student recruitment, & online growth. It is an exceptionally well-positioned turn-key platform for investors seeking access to the sought-after Western U.S. private university sector and acquisition of a high-quality private proprietary post-secondary institution.


  • Profitable WASC Accredited Western U.S. Private Proprietary University located in sought-after Major U.S. Market & positioned to capitalize on long-term growth in new programs & on-ground & online enrollment.
  • Robust Market & Profitability With 3-Yr Avg. Consolidated Revenue Of $12.42M & $3.54M Adjusted Consolidated EBIDA (29% Margin), reaching $13.6M consolidated revenue & $4.2M adjusted consolidated EBIDA for 2020 (31% margin).
  • Offering High-Demand On-Ground/Online Programs at Master's, Bachelor's, Associate, Certificate, & Continuing Ed Level in healthcare, EMS, nursing, engineering, psychology, business, hospitality, education, criminal justice, & sports management.
  • Updated 10-Acre, 130,000 SF Campus Appraised At $13M with space to support enrollment growth to 2,400 students, including student residence, academic, & athletic space.
  • Capacity To Triple On-ground Degree Programs in existing campus, generating added +$25M revenue & ability to increase online programming.
  • Holding Coveted SEVP-Certification to enroll international students in the high-demand Western U.S. market.
  • Students Qualify For Title IV Financial Aid with an extremely low default rate of 3% & an impressive 90/10 rate of 78%.
  • Unparalleled Market Standing & Consistently Maintaining Clean Regulatory Rating, resulting in ongoing accreditation.

Next Step:

Contact HEG directly if you would like to know more about this university. Please refer to School No. 3067 in your communications with HEG. You can contact HEG directly by email or our toll free number at +1.800.687.1492. This turn-key operation provides a unique opportunity for buyers seeking entry into the lucrative U.S. WASC accredited university sector.