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How Do You Value A School For Sale?Selling your private school, be a K-12 independent school, career college, or university, is one of the most crucial financial decisions in an owner’s life. You have put in the time to build your school business, developing a solid reputation in your market. Whether your reason is to move on to other opportunities or retire or move, selling your private school is one of the most significant decisions you will make. Now that you are ready to sell, you want to maximize your value, accomplish your exit targets, and ensure a seamless transitionEarning Everything


客户拥有并经营一家位于美国的一流ESL语言学校团体。学校成功地专注于英语作为第二语言的教学和衔接扩展学习计划的教学。自成立以来,已有超过25万名学生毕业。此学校团体提供最高质量的计划和利润,并且超出了所有州和国家/地区的教学要求。总体而言,ESL学校集团的入学率和利润一直保持稳定增长,收入约为2300万美元,EBITDA接近400万美元*。总体而言,此学校处于非凡的状态,可以实现长期增长和盈利。当前的所有权使他们的学校能够通过北美和亚洲的其他业务扩展计划,为新所有者带来最大的利润。这是获得美国顶级语言学校集团之一的少有的机会。所有权小组将考虑全面收购以及战略性金融投资合作伙伴关系。 亮点:  在主要的美国教育市场拥有高级语言学校集团的机会非常难得。语言学校行业的国际公认品牌。ESL和衔接课程中最高质量的课程。稳定的利润和利润,平均收入为2300万美元,EBITDA接近400万美元。扩展的业务发展计划预计将在五年内达到1亿美元。完全认证和SEVP认证,允许学校向外国学生签发学生签证并获得提供TESOL课程的许可。交钥匙管理团队服务到位,以支持运营和所有权过渡。现代化和宽敞的校园,为学校的进一步扩展提供了空间。学校目前定位于最大化利润和增长。 >> >>单击此处here了解有关学校团体的更多信息。 * EBITDA是Earnings Before
Canadian Montessori Preschool & Elementary School For Sale


Overview:Our client is selling their highly sought-after Western Canadian, urban Gr. PreK-7 Montessori School. Founded more than 20 years ago, the Preschool & Gr. K-7 elementary day school is one of the few options in its market, offering a co-ed independent Montessori school that is provincially accredited & licensed to enroll local & international students. Their students consistently test higher than their peers in standardized testing, highlighting the effectiveness of their Montessori program, and their graduates are placed in advanced programs at other sought-after schools.


Our Client is selling their sought-after downtown Vancouver private career college located in the heart of the coveted Vancouver market in British Columbia, Canada. With a 25-year track record, they provide high-demand Certificate and Diploma Programs in Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Office Assistant Programs. First and foremost, the college is Provincially designated (“accredited”) by The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designated and holding the sought-after Designated Learning Institution number (