US International Junior School With SEVIS Certification And High School Expansion Opportunity For Sale (No 1051)

Our client is selling their US-based internationally accredited for-profit PreK-6 Junior School with the forthcoming SEVIS Certification. It offers a unique US accredited curriculum combining the academic rigor and standards of the English National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate Program. Established this decade, it provides a high quality global education, supported by low pupil-to-teacher ratio, Mandarin and Spanish for all students, and integration of cutting-edge technology and dedicated STEM facilities. But, the school is not a start-up in the true sense. It represents the expansion of a successful private education business with the expertise to develop the school. Importantly, there is room for growth on the adjacent property for expansion to the high school level, leveraging the expanding Junior School enrollment and pending SEVIS Certification and I-20 Visa authorization to recruit international students. The school itself is located on +2 acres in a purpose-built 17,000 ft2 facility,affording flexibility of use and expansion opportunities in an affluent, high-income community -- one of the fastest growing areas in its market.

The school's location, along with strategic initiatives in enrollment and program development in the local and international market, and lack of competition, positions the school for continued growth in enrollment and profitability. To date, ownership has invested +$5m in the school's ongoing start-up and development. The school will reach projected revenue of $3m and adjusted EBITDA of $700K when it reaches enrollment of 176 students.   
Highlights Include:

  • Growing US For-Profit Accredited Jr School In Affluent US City that opened this decade.
  • Parents Attracted To School For Its Exceptional Academic Program through International Baccalaureate Program & UK National Curriculum.
  • Imminent Approval For SEVIS Certification & I-20 Visa Authorization to recruit international students.
  • Opportunity For International High School Expansion -- building on local & international student enrollment.
  • Foundation Established For Enrollment Growth & financial performance.
  • Projected Profits to Reach $3m Revenue & Adjusted EBITDA of $700K at full capacity as Jr School.
  • Untarnished Name & Brand in the education sector.
  • Robust Use of Classroom Resources through dedicated STEM facilities & wide use of cutting-edge technology.
  • Striking Purpose Built 17,000 ft2 Facility On +2 Acres - affording flexibility of use & expansion opportunities on adjacent land.

Even though this is a newer school, it is in extraordinary shape for medium- and long-term growth and profitability, with current ownership positioning the school to maximize profits and revenue growth, with the option of adding an international high school program and SEVIS Certification for new ownership. 
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Next Step
Doug, contact HEG if you'd like to know more about School No. 1051. This is a highly coveted & limited opportunity for a privately held school group in a high demand market. Please refer to School No. 1051 in your communications with HEG directly by email or calling HEG directly at +1.800.687.1492.
If you're considering the sale of your own school (be it for-profit or non-profit) & would like to know more about how our firm could be of assistance, please send a confidential email directly to our President, Douglas Halladay.

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 US-based internationally PreK-6 Junior School - Private Schools for sale in US